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Live Radio Feeds


Fire Protection District

Fire Main

Fire OPS 1-2, 5-12

Fire Ground Operation TAC 1

Fire Ground Operation TAC 2 

Rogersville PD

Cox Webster County

Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Marshfield and Greene County Fire

Greene County Fire Talk Groups:

  • Fire Main

  • Operation 1-12 (Assigned per dispatch and type) County, City and Republic

  • Each Department Operational Main

  • County-Wide Calling

  • County-Wide TAC 1-8 (Assigned per incident)

  • Weather Net

  • Republic Fire is now dispatched from Greene County Fire Main and assigned Operational TAC

Springfield Fire Talk Groups:

  • Fire Main / Non-Emergency

  • Operations 1-12 (Assigned per dispatch and type) County and City

Webster County:

  • Marshfield / Webster Fire Main

  • Southern Webster Fire Main

Christian County:

  • Fire Dispatch Only (COUNTY IS NOW MOTOTRBO Delay 8-10 Months) Back on VHF repeaters

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