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Proposition 1

On August 6,2024 we are seeking a 25-cent property tax increase to improve our ability to respond quickly to emergencies.

If passed, the property tax levy will go from 56 cents to 81 cents per $100 assessed property value. On a home valued at $200,000, that would mean an increase of $96 a year or $8.00 per month. 

(Example calculation)

Home valued at $200,000 X Tax Rate [19%] = $38,000 assed valuation. 

Divide the assessed valuation by 100, then multiple by the proposed .25 cents = $95 a year ($7.91 - rounded up to $8)

The increased cost of services exceed current funding the district receives to maintain services to the 20,000+ citizens in the 165-square miles it covers. Last year, crews responded to 2,338 calls for service, an increase of 31% since the last tax initiative in 2015. This number will continue to grow as we are experiencing rapid growth in our community.

Since our last election in 2015, state statute   (Hancock Amendment) has rolled back the levy 5 ¼ cents of the 25 cents approved, thus, impacting budgeting considerations at the fire district. EMS and Fire Responses have INCREASED 43% since 2015

Screenshot 2024-06-23 210849.png

Why is the LRFPD asking for a levy increase?

Over the last 5 years, the LRFPD has struggled to keep pace with the rapid growth within the jurisdiction. However, with the continued rise in calls for service and emergency incidents, funding from the current tax levy cannot keep up with the demand. Without the increase in revenue, LRFPD could possibly have to make difficult cuts to continue operating in its current budget. Not only will additional funding ensure that services are not compromised, it will also ensure that services are improved. 


  • Emergency Medical Response

  • Fire Responses

  • Vehicle Accident Response

  • Hazardous Material Response

  • Code Enforcement

  • Fire Cause & Origin Investigation

  • Fire & Life Safety Education

  • CPR/First Aid Classes

  • Child Car Seat Installation& Checks

  • Community Risk Reduction

  • Technical Rescue

If the tax is passed, it will meet four key areas:

  • Firefighter retention (currently $13.50 hour)

    • 36% turnover in the past 3 years to neighboring districts/other employments. 

  • Hire additional firefighters, training officer, and district mechanic.

  • Replace aging apparatus/remodel current fire station #1 to keep up with district growth.

  • New training facility for current/future firefighters.

How does the LRFPD compare to surrounding areas?


Screenshot 2024-06-23 210806.png

Compared to other area fire districts, the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District covers more than double the area than some of the sounding districts. LRFPD covers 165 square miles of Greene, Christian, and Webster County.

During the pandemic, several depts. transitioned to only running life threating emergencies and discontinued running non-life threating emergencies such as falls/lift assists, post surgery complications, and general sickness calls. However, LRFPD has continued to respond and aid to all call types.


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