Proposition ‘1’
Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District
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ABOUT THE LEVY PROPOSAL Why is the LRFPD Asking for a Levy Increase? Over the last 5 years, the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District has endeavored to keep pace with the rapid growth within its jurisdiction. However, with the continued rise in service calls, funding from the current tax levy cannot keep up with demand. If the tax levy is passed, it will meet four key areas: Build additional fire stations. The district has seen population growth and an increase in call volume in the Rogersville area.  A new fire station will be built in the Rogersville area to better protect the lives and property of those on the eastern side of the district.  Additionally, the current Station #2 located on Blackman Road was built in the early ‘80’s.This station will be totally rebuilt to increase capacity and operational efficiencies. Increase the number of firefighters on shift. Currently the LRFPD has at maximum six (6) and at minimum four (4) firefighters per day covering the district. Firefighters respond not only to fires, but also to car wrecks, medical calls and other service calls. With an increase in funding, the LRFPD will hire additional personnel to increase coverage to its citizens. This includes the goal of staffing Station 6.  Furthermore, these new positions will be the introduction of the position of Firefighter Medic.  Firefighter Medics will increase our core services to the citizens and have the greatest impact on our call volume. Create a stronger workforce of firefighters.  The district has seen a continuous flow of firefighter turnover.  Firefighters have been leaving the district for better wages and increase benefits that include a retirement plan.  An increase in funding would allow the district to be competitive with other local departments and districts in the area of wages and benefits. Replace old and outdated equipment. The LRFPD is in need of replacing critical apparatus for firefighting, such as the water tankers. These three apparatus average age is over 28-years-old.  Water tankers is vital during all types of fires when hydrants are not present.  These new water tankers will deliver more water in a safer manner for the citizens of the district.  
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