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Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District
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FACTS & FIGURES The LRFPD currently has a total of 18 firefighters and three chiefs. During a 24-hour period, there are as many as six (6) and as few as four (4) firefighters on duty. Crews not only respond to fires, but also medical calls, car wrecks and service calls, such as smoke alarm installations. These firefighters staff Station 1 and Station 2. A Typical Emergency Situation At the most, there are six firefighters on duty during a 24-hour shift —three at Station 1 and three at Station 2 (the busiest station) — but many times, through illness or vacation, there are a minimum of four firefighters staffing two stations — two at Station 1 and two at Station 2. If there is minimum staffing and a car wreck is dispatched in Station 1's district, two firefighters will respond, leaving the rest of their area without firefighter coverage. That means if another car wreck or a medical call were to be dispatched out to Station 1, then Station 2 would have to respond to the call — delaying response time. But if there were additional personnel staffing each station, they could respond to the second call. This is the best case scenario. A Typical Fire Situation If a fire is dispatched, all LRFPD firefighters and chiefs are called to the scene. It takes four firefighters to be on scene in order to make entry into a house fire — two to make entry and two on the outside in case they need to help save the two inside. It's called the "Two In, Two Out Rule". That means if only two firefighters are staffing Station 1 and a fire is called in their district, they have to wait to make entry until two more additional fire fighters, either from Station 2 or from the volunteer staff or the mutual aid districts, arrive. How Does the LRFPD Compare to Surrounding Districts? Compared to the Battlefield Fire Protection District (BFPD), the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District (LRFPD) covers more than double the area with fewer firefighters. BFPD covers 32 square miles with a full staff of 10 firefighters per day and a tax levy of 62 cents. The LRFPD covers 165 square miles with a full staff of 6 firefighters per day and a tax levy of 37 cents.
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